Automation and industrial computing

Automaticien CORELEC travaillant avec Optiflow

Automate and monitor your processes

Our automation and industrial IT team designs and develops automated solutions for industrial surface treatment processes. These IT solutions are based on standard software developed by CORELEC Equipements or on specific personalised solutions.

Equipped with remote maintenance or remote assistance systems, our programs for controlling and monitoring surface treatment installations, penetrant testing, water treatment, powder coating and liquid painting guarantee a quick and efficient diagnosis of any issue that may occur.

Vue 3D système informatique Corelec

Analysis, advice, design and manufacture

By enabling the complete monitoring of useful data and production traceability, our advanced IT tools and solutions can help you to be more autonomous and responsive and guarantee the future of your business.

The engineering office at CORELEC Equipements is made up of technicians and automation and IT engineers, who design and develop our own dedicated software packages. Our knowledge of specialist manufacturing processes and methods allows us to accommodate and enhance any operational nuances.

As a result, our software packages can be used to support a variety of different processes, such as control assistance, traceability, bath management, maintenance assistance, networking, CAPM interfaces, NADCAP requirements and many more, all with complete freedom for user settings.

Our team of automation engineers aims to accommodate your industrial processes so that our products are perfectly suited to your specific needs. For your existing installations, we can also propose a modernisation plan for your equipment in accordance with your requirements.