Vue machine laquage Optima High Cube, aspersion monobloc
Vue profil machine de thermolaquage Optima High Cube aspersion monobloc
Vue de l'intérieur de la machine de laquage Optima High Cube, aspersion monobloc

With several years’ experience in the development, design, and manufacture of more than 80 machines, we integrate innovative surface treatment solutions that comply with French and European environmental requirements.

CORELEC Équipments has won over its European neighbours who are keen to see a greener industry. Illustration : Surface preparation and conversion plant for aluminium parts, coupled with drying, powder coating and baking equipment for an Austrian manufacturer.

Compared with tunnel immersion plants, the monochamber surface treatment cells developed by CORELEC Équipements offer in addition to their compactness complete automation, a reduction in the volume of active baths and optimum rinsing functions. All with zero liquid discharge on site.

Chemical risks are reduced to a minimum for the user by integrating automatic dosing. Baths and rinses are sprayed successively according to pre-programmed and configurable batch ranges in a fully enclosed and ventilated spray cell, limiting direct contact with vapours and chemicals.

Energy costs are optimised using reduced active bath volumes and fully enclosed equipment, limiting general ventilation and therefore direct energy losses.

These solutions can meet your needs ! Don’t hesitate to contact us for a feasibility study on monochamber or more traditional treatment.

We remain the 100% integrated French manufacturer capable of meeting all your wet surface treatment, water treatment, air treatment, powder coating and painting equipment needs.